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I thought you weren't afraid of anything

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Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people


New 'Protect the coven' American Horror Story: Coven shirt on Redbubble, available to buy [HERE]


aaaaand now in shirt form! I’m really happy with this, I’ll be doing some other characters soon, I hope some of you buy them! 


Protect the coven

Buy this on redbubble [HERE]


Hey guys! Just finished this off today and I am really very proud of it! I’ll post it in a shirt form later too if you’re interested! 

montgomery-asylum: Who's your favourite character in any season?

oh god I don’t know erm erm 

1st: Moira

2nd: Mary Eunice  

3rd: Cordelia 

I literally like all of the characters though, that was really hard!